Most Executive Search Firms follow similar steps. However, since Travaille only focuses on Communications and Marketing, our database efficiently serves your needs. It is easy to get caught up in the paperwork process and not in the process of finding the best new member of your team. Travaille focuses on the end results of finding your ideal employee.

We know and we care! It is our only business!


We work with you and your team to understand your needs and how this person will fit into your corporate culture. We translate this into a job description that represents your company and the job. For some companies, this means a visit to your facility. Some companies prefer more of a hands-off approach. We work with each employer on an individual basis.

Candidate Development & Analysis

Once the job specs are defined, we begin our work. With over 30 years of experience, we have developed an extensive web-based database that provides instantaneous search abilities. Beyond that, Travaille provides what few can! Our Washington experience provides up-close relationships with the PR world in DC. This is a game changing difference. We provide diverse candidates with varying salary needs that comply with your requirements.


Many employers ask us to pre-interview and screen their candidates. We’re exceptional at this and often provide the 3-5 final candidates for the employer. The success rate for the employer is amazing at that point. However, many employers wish to complete this process on their own.


Each employer and each hiring official is different and we honor their wishes. We respect our candidates. Many of these professionals are currently employed so it is helpful for them to plan their valuable time.


We don’t waste your time….PERIOD! Many employers like to follow up after each round of interviews. Some employers want weekly updates. The development of the form is not our goal. The development of the right new team member is our goal. We serve you, the employer and honor your requests. 


For many employers, we check references before the interview. For many employers, we check references after the interview. It is our pleasure to check candidate references per your instructions.

Final Steps

We work to make the negotiation with your selected new team member easy and successful. We work not only to craft and negotiate the offer but also communicate with those candidates not selected. Travaille offers it’s extensive experience in these matters.


“Ben has a fantastic ability to connect the right talent with the right opportunity. He understands the market, and he understands the needs and priorities of clients. Bottom line: He’s top shelf.”

-Chris Gidez, Consultant in Risk & Reputation Management

“Ben Long is a stalwart in the Washington, DC area in the Executive Search business. He knows the who’s who and cultivates long and enduring relationships with them. As a result, his rolodex is filled with many candidates ready to match your business needs.”

-Sheila S. Blackwell, Communications & Marketing Executive

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