Travaille isn’t an employment agency. We are specialists who work for employers who have very specific needs. Our best candidates have experience, commitment, and industry knowledge. They often have special language skills and advanced technical skills. They are ready to work for their new employer on their first day in an upper level PR, marketing or communications position. 

Once a client, always a client! Travaille keeps up with the PR and Communications industry, the people and changing needs. We help you to extend your reach and your career through thoughtful interviews, insightful matching, and prep before you go into that important interview.

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Case Studies of Some of our Placements 

VP of Public Relations — Technology Company

Job Details:

  • Very strong cyber security background
  • Drive Internal and External communications programs for sensitive issues
  • Manage staff of 12 professionals
  • Oversee long term strategic planning
  • Drive strategic business development

Winning Candidate:

  • Extensive DOD experience
  • 12 years of corporate experience with management of staff
  • Candidate location: Metro Dallas

Director of Communications — Microsoft Europe, Paris

Job Details:

  • Develop Strategic professional affiliations with European Parliament and Regulators
  • Multi-lingual (French, Spanish, English)
  • Major Corporate Experience
  • Hill Experience

Winning Candidate:

This superstar candidate was tri-lingual, had corporate and Hill experience and was willing to relocate to Paris. Following this distinguished career, she went on to other consumer corporations like Nike to establish global markets.

Director of Public Affairs — Business Software Association

Job Details:

  • Prior experience managing staff and budgets
  • Drive strategic message to the Hill and other stakeholders
  • Work closely with CEOs and other level management on a regular basis

Winning Candidate:

  • Worked with several members of the association (Microsoft) while in a very successful Hi-Tech PR Agency
  • Prior successful experience managing staff and budgets.

VP of Communications - Boeing Corporation

Job Requirements:

  • Manage internal and external communications for their Aircraft Division.
  • Manage 13 staff members
  • Oversee a significant budget

Winning Candidate:

  • Significant aerospace industry background
  • Ex-reporter for Aerospace Daily
  • Security Clearance
  • Consensus Builder and excellent experience with CEO connectivity
  • Willing to relocate from Washington, DC to Dallas

Chief Communications Officer — Fortune 500 Co.

Job Details:

  • Experience with diverse corporate communications staff
  • Prior experience with management of senior level professionals
  • Ability to drive corporate strategies for the corporations and
  • executives
  • Integrate consistent communications across all business lines and stakeholders

Winning Candidate:

  • Candidate had past Microsoft experience and brought fresh, bright eyes to the corporate culture
  • Past Experience with a $10 Million dollar Communications budget
  • MBA – Finance
  • Management experience and strategic insight
  • Willing to relocate from New York

Our Professional Affiliations


“Ben was the first recruiter I ever worked with and got me my first job at MCI back in 1996. He’s remained a valued resources since then, and I’m happy to recommend him to both job seekers and HR departments.”

-Eric McErlain, Senior Manager, Web Communications at Nuclear Energy Institute

 “If it’s six degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon, and 4.74 with Facebook, when it comes to Ben Long and the field of communications, the number is even smaller. Having been placed by Ben in a key role for me early in my career, I’ve been astounded over the course of time and progressive career moves how keenly and clearly he has kept track of my career and countless others. I’ve run into few PR professionals who don’t know who he is. When it comes to PR talent, I’m confident Ben and Travaille have an industry leading line of site to who’s who.”

-Kerry Deesberg, Global Director Marcom, Analyst and Public Relations WatchGuard Technologies