Life is all about choices

Posted on 2 September, 2015 at 13:05

For some, a cup of coffee starts the day. For others, fruit or a muffin breaks the evening fast. We all have our favorite way to meet the day….and then the fun begins. If you look forward to your cup of coffee more than your day at your office, you may be in a rut at work. Can you change your duties or add a new challenge to change the dull into interesting? For some, the only way to find the new challenge is to explore the next step, the next company or association who is in dire need of your skill set.

Find someone to help you discover your many talents. Sometimes, we get so bogged down in our routine that we don’t see the possibilities, i.e., I start my day with coffee and there is not another viable alternative. Yet, you chat with a colleague and discover chai…and find that you love it! Is writing a talent and love of yours but you no longer have the time to hone this craft? There are companies out there who desperately need you. Do you know social media and know how important it is to internal and external customers, but you have moved away from this passion? There are organizations out there who clamor for your knowledge. Do you know a vertical market such as energy so well that you dream of windmills but would love to put that knowledge to work in an alternate path? Well, this is DC you know, so anything is possible!

Make the choice that makes your day whether coffee, fruit, or Danish. Just make it your best day! But if it is time for your to reach to new heights, give Ben a call. Explore new possibilities in the field of PR, Communications, PA and Marketing.

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