Why Can´┐Ż??t you find the right person to fill your vacancy?

Posted on 3 June, 2015 at 0:55

As we all try to do more with fewer employees, we must also be diligent to stay true to our missions and hire the experts that move us forward.

You posted the job on job boards. You posted the job internally. You turned to a reputable executive search firm but you still can’t find the right fit. Why?

Peter Cappelli suggests that the hiring process can be clouded by piling on more and more job requirements, expecting that in a down market a perfect candidate will turn up if they just keep looking. In Mr Cappelli’s article, “The Skills Gap Myth: Why Companies Can’t Find Good People”, he interviewed a job seeker who described her experience trying to land “one post that has gone unfilled for nearly a year, asking the candidate to not only be the human resources expert but the marketing, publishing, project manager, accounting and finance expert. When I asked the employer if it was difficult to fill the position, the response was ‘yes but we want the right fit.’”

In our changing technology landscapes, be clear with your requirements and allow for training as needs unfold. As any sports team will tell you, always look for the core skills when you hire. Pick the best all-around candidate as they would pick the best athlete and let them shine for your organization.

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