August emails say you are away!

Posted on 2 August, 2015 at 10:35

Don’t you love August? Commuting is simpler. Dress is more casual. Talk around the water cooler includes the trip to the beach conversation. On the flip side, trying to conduct meaningful business is a bit of a challenge to us all. Phone calls terminate in message ques. Emails receive “away” messages. Half-day Fridays creep to Thursdays. In short, August becomes the month where we re-charge our souls before the September rush.

So what will you do to re-charge? No, I am not necessarily talking about where your vacation may take you though I am certainly looking forward to our annual Maine trek with lobster and family and ocean, and lots of brilliant, clean air. I am talking about what you will do to make sure you are ready for the September sprint. August often provides the solitary time to evaluate, strategize, and imagine where you might go. Lucky is the leader who comes back refreshed with plenty of ideas and plans to add to the fall mix. The refreshing air found in the first fall meetings may well be the wind that helps you to sail past your year end goals. August often gives us the time and the fresh air to sweep out the cobwebs to allow a better view of the landscape. On more than one vacation, I have met someone new or been awed by the beauty of nature and it has sparked the kernel of an idea.

I hope you re-charge yourself this August. Whether you are an employer leading your company in this fast paced economy or a job seeker making big decisions, we are happy to be a part of your September plans.

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