5 Ways to Build a Resilient Company

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The best companies are those that can bounce back from failure. Here’s what it takes to do it well. By Jay Steinfeld | @BlindscomCEO | Jan 17, 2012

The other morning I heard a seasoned, well-known political pundit discuss who he thought might win the Republican presidential nomination. He said it would be that person who could personally rebound from the harsh bombardment of criticisms and negative ads. It made me think about how important resilience is not only in business but al...

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Executive Search for Key Executives! What a Bright & Necessary Idea!

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In 2009, the Association of Executive Search Consultants celebrated their 50th Anniversary by publishing a fun account of the history of the industry. As a boutique firm working only in the vertical PR and Communications markets, Travaille’s history sounds very much like AESC’s chronicled growth.

From the beginning, search consultants have long been characterized by business savvy, psychological awareness, superb social skills, and disciplined work habits. That remains to...

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Your PR Department is the Face of your Company

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I recently conducted a search for a senior level PR person. The company hesitated about using a search firm because of the fee but their candidate search had been long and unproductive. We had one meeting and concentrated on the intrinsic qualities that they sought for their department. I presented 6 candidates to the firm. Only one out of six persons had a resume on-line (though they had never met them). The person that they ultimately hired was not that person.

When time is money you ...

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Evolution of the Global Economy Needs HR Evolution

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I recently read an article by Stanton Chase, EVOLUTION OF CHINESE ECONOMY REQUIRES AN EVOLUTION OF CORPORATE TALENT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES. The article discussed the dynamic changes in the Chinese HR strategies in order to remain competitive in the talent management arena. Mr Chase concentrated on the C...

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How to find & keep top notch PR & Communications Professionals?

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The internet showcases the many needs of the global corporate world and while “expanding into global and new markets is a top strategic priority” (Deloitte Talent Edge 2020), so is the need to attract, train, and keep top talents across the executive tier.

Talent Edge 2020 was by conducted for Deloitte Consulting LLP by...

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If I had one dollar left I would spend it on PR!

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Bill Gates once famously said: “If I had one dollar left, I’d spend it on PR”.

Over the weekend, I was involved in a game of Trivial Pursuit and one of the questions asked which corporation Bill Gates co-founded. You know, I think it was the only question that everyone at the table knew at the same time. We all know something about Bill Gates. We listen when Bill Gates starts a foundation. We listen when Bill Gates talks much like an E.F.Hutton comment. So, it was...

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August emails say you are away!

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Don’t you love August? Commuting is simpler. Dress is more casual. Talk around the water cooler includes the trip to the beach conversation. On the flip side, trying to conduct meaningful business is a bit of a challenge to us all. Phone calls terminate in message ques. Emails receive “away” messages. Half-day Fridays creep to Thursdays. In short, August becomes the month where we re-charge our souls before the September rush.

So what will you do to re-charge? N...

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How to Find the Right SVP of Communications

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Most companies have a list of required credentials that must be met when looking for the best SVP of Communications to represent your company. The list includes black and white information like education, years of experience, and possibly past affiiation with an agency. This list is the easy part of fulfillment for your search.

The difficult part of finding the best candidate involves the intangibles. Does this person have the personality that blends with the rest of the staff? For your...

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Why Can´┐Ż??t you find the right person to fill your vacancy?

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As we all try to do more with fewer employees, we must also be diligent to stay true to our missions and hire the experts that move us forward.

You posted the job on job boards. You posted the job internally. You turned to a reputable executive search firm but you still can’t find the right fit. Why?

Peter Cappelli suggests that the hiring process can be clouded by piling on more and more job requir...

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Bad PR Can Kill You

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In the wake of the June 29 storm, slow clean-up and climbing temperatures have left nerves on edge. An article on the front page of The Washington Post quotes critics ‘So Tired of Pepco’s PR’. Also in the same article, Verizon’s director of PR, Harry J Mitchell, comments on hardware and software failures in the storm. If the face of your company is on the front page of the Washington Post today, make sure that the message is your best message!

Ben Long, the Presi...

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