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Senior Manager of Communications

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Are you tired of the hours and scattered approach of agency life? We are conducting a search for a Senior Manager of Communications for The Council for Responsible Nutrition. They are looking for someone to join their team with 3-5 years of Agency and /or Association experience and a love for Consumer and Health Issues. The job requires someone who is a strategic, analytical thinker, with an ability to distill complicated scientific and regulatory issues for the press and the general public. This person must enjoy working with the press (traditional, social and on-line media), and have a track record of: proactively developing and pitching story ideas resulting in publicity; demonstrating a knack for creative, but science-based, content development. Salary is in the $55k-$70K range. Excellent working environment and benefits!


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Account Director with Innovative Tech Firm

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Come to work for the fastest growing and most innovative Consulting firm



Bluetext, one of the fastest growing digital marketing and communications agencies in the country, is seeking a PR professional with 5-8 years of experience to join its growing team. This person must have a good working knowledge of media relations, and must be skilled at client management, demonstrate strong writing skills, a self-starter, experienced at executing social media campaigns, and ready to get their hands dirty. Our clients represent Fortune 500, start-ups, and everything in between. Knowledge of tech and government trade publications, as well as cyber security, is a plus. The ideal candidate would not care about their title, but would care about growing their career, and working in a fast-paced, growing environment. The firm offers very competitive benefits, including 20 days of PTO, parking, cell phone re-imbursement, healthcare, etc.




Ben Long




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5 Ways to Build a Resilient Company

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The best companies are those that can bounce back from failure. Here’s what it takes to do it well. By Jay Steinfeld | @BlindscomCEO | Jan 17, 2012

The other morning I heard a seasoned, well-known political pundit discuss who he thought might win the Republican presidential nomination. He said it would be that person who could personally rebound from the harsh bombardment of criticisms and negative ads. It made me think about how important resilience is not only in business but also in life. How can you and your organization develop more resilience? We all know we’re supposed to learn from our mistakes, to pick ourselves up when we fall down. But how do we find that fortitude? Are some of us born that way—or do we learn it? I think part of the answer is in developing a culture of resilience using these five strategies:

1. Don’t try to solve your employees’ problems (business or otherwise!) Whether you’re an employer or a parent (and I’m both), you surely know that helping people grow means allowing them to make mistakes and learn from them. Making mistakes is an important part of resilience—it builds strength. How often do you hear about kids whose parents did not allow them to fail, only to find those kids later in life implode at the smallest of failures? People can learn how to fail, too.

2. Never lambaste someone for a mistake. When people are resilient, they collaborate to solve problems. When their efforts are successful (and they usually are), it’s important to applaud them publicly for their response. Other employees, who might not be naturally resilient themselves, can learn from those successes. But they also can learn from failure. Because, as we all know, s*** happens. Usually when you least expect it.

3. Ask employees about their personal lives. As an employer seeking resilience, I hire people who are already happy in their lives by asking interview questions about what they’re dealing with in their personal lives. (Don’t worry HR professionals, I don’t go over the line). I also look for people who are willing to step outside their comfort zones and do things such as travel to foreign places with just a backpack. People who are happy in life and willing to explore are the kinds of people that seem to excel.

4. Encourage people to ask questions. It’s crucial to communicate that it’s OK to be nervous—even scared. I never say “Don’t worry about it” because, frankly, people will worry regardless of what you say. Instead, I think it’s helpful to encourage lots of communication during difficult times. We all know that misery loves company. When people talk, the result is “social calming,” which builds resilience. At that point, it’s easier to knuckle down and solve the problem.

5. Plan for failure and don’t be surprised when it happens. At, we’ve been there, done that: Once, one of our manufacturer’s operations went down totally—overnight. We were flooded with customer calls, wondering where their blinds were—a quantity of calls far beyond what our people could handle. Another time we had a frightening security breach. Both times, our resilient folks quickly assembled a multi-disciplinary SWAT team to calmly address the problem—without blaming anyone.

When you build a resilient culture, your entire workforce will be resourceful when it matters most. And so will your company.

Jay Steinfeld Jay Steinfeld is the founder and CEO of, the industry leader in online window covering sales, representing over half of window treatments sold online and doing more than $80 million in sales annually. was awarded in March, 2010 the American Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year. After starting a small chain of window coverings retail stores, Steinfeld launched his first Web site in 1993 and eventually sold his stores in 2001 to go exclusively online. He is an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for his leadership at is currently ranked #236 on the Internet Retailer 500. In 2010, it was named one of Houston’s Best Places to Work by the Houston Business Journal, the Award of Excellence by the Better Business Bureau, and the honor of being the #1 E-Commerce company in Houston, TX. 5 Ways to Build a Resilient Company The best companies are those that can bounce back from failure. Here’s what it takes to do it well. By Jay Steinfeld | @BlindscomCEO

Executive Search for Key Executives! What a Bright & Necessary Idea!

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In 2009, the Association of Executive Search Consultants celebrated their 50th Anniversary by publishing a fun account of the history of the industry. As a boutique firm working only in the vertical PR and Communications markets, Travaille’s history sounds very much like AESC’s chronicled growth.

From the beginning, search consultants have long been characterized by business savvy, psychological awareness, superb social skills, and disciplined work habits. That remains today, as we look at the future, which remains, bright and necessary. It can be extremely difficult for an internal recruiter to provide the objectivity, flexibility, resources, reach and motivation that an executive search firm brings to an engagement. Internal “talent management” programs have been only partially successful in meeting succession needs, especially at senior levels. The volatility, competitiveness and unpredictability of the supply of senior executive talent suggest that there will always be a need for retained executive search consulting.

To borrow a phrase from Mark Twain, reports of the death of executive search at the hands of the Internet have been greatly exaggerated. True, data on candidates has become commoditized. But that hardly means that search will follow suit; indeed, as a consulting discipline, search cannot be commoditized. Defining position requirements and candidate qualifications—not to mention sourcing, screening, interviewing, prepping, selecting, and persuading—require as much art as science, and more social savvy than memory. As Janet Jones -Parker, a former AESC President, stated, “High-tech presents no threat to high-touch executive search.”

It is true that not all potential clients grasp the value proposition and consulting component of retained executive search. The only antidotes are client education coupled with consistently outstanding client service. By definition, executive search consulting requires the services of a retained executive search consultant. Contingency or “container” arrangements can erode the consulting element of search and reduce it to a different service. While Internet-enhanced recruiters and some employment agencies may try to repackage themselves as search firms, they are in a different business.

Freedom to Be our Best

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Is it time to make a mid-year resolution?

As we celebrate July 4, 2012, we pause to name our freedoms. We list freedom of speech and freedom to vote and freedom of the press but where do we list the freedom to be our best? How often do we take the time to assess our situation and see if we are at our best? Is our job still challenging? Have we kept our skills up to date? Have we embraced the new technologies in our company and in our world? What would it take to be your best?

New situations may be just what you need to follow the guidelines set so succinctly by the Marines to “Be all that you can be!” Change pushes us. Embrace new opportunities to see what your best looks like. If you need a change and you are in the PR, Public Affairs, and Communication world, call Ben Long. With over 30 years in the field, he knows the employers and the players who make a difference.

Ben works across many vertical markets including technology, oil, gas, and alternative energies, legal, and associations but you can be assured, if you need a new, executive level person to make your company all that it can be or if it is time for a personal change, Ben offers knowledge, connections, and world-class people skills.

Call Ben for a consultation at 202-463-6342.

Your PR Department is the Face of your Company

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I recently conducted a search for a senior level PR person. The company hesitated about using a search firm because of the fee but their candidate search had been long and unproductive. We had one meeting and concentrated on the intrinsic qualities that they sought for their department. I presented 6 candidates to the firm. Only one out of six persons had a resume on-line (though they had never met them). The person that they ultimately hired was not that person.

When time is money you need the service of a professional. When your PR person is the face of your company, you need the best and a professional with strong professional ties in and around Washington DC is a great choice to find that person.

How may I help you? There is no charge for consultations.

P.S. Our references tell the story as they have for 20 years (and many are listed on Linked In).

Good Resume Advice for The PR and Marketing Job Seeker

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Ben Long works with PR and Marketing Professionals throughout the U.S. For over 30 years he has developed those friendships that remain invaluable with excellent employers in both the corporate and non-profit world. Ben works with the technical aspects of a search to ensure that each resume, each interview, each recommendation is completed with the specs of the employer in mind so that the system wastes no one’s time. So, do you need a executive recruiter on your side?

Your Resume Knocks on Doors

Ben helps you to open the right doors. If you are currently looking for a new position and are an experienced Public Relations, Public Affairs, or Marketing Professional, start now to find your best new job. Your resume knocks on doors. Use your resume to showcase special skills.

In today’s global market, languages have become very important. Technical and social media skills as well as special talents within your field, such as crisis management, should be highlighted. Your resume might well be your roadmap to show your increasing abilities to handle more responsibilities, manage more staff, or larger budgets. Do catalog successes.

And lastly, let’s talk Money. If you saved money for your last employer, quantify it. Often resumes are read by CFOs and Human Resources Professionals. Business professionals always want to know the values that potential employees bring to the table.

The mechanics of the resume take up shelves on any bookstore whether it is virtual or real. The theorists question the number of pages, the value of the Objective Statement, the margins, the font. Ben would suggest that your resume be clear, concise, thorough, and honest. You are not an entry-level candidate. You are a trusted member of a highly visible workforce so your resume must reflect this station. Ben may suggest changes to your resume before he forwards it to the employer. These suggestions are often based on skills or buzz words that he knows the employer is looking for.

Looking to make a career move? Send us your resume so we can start a conversation about your next position.

Resume advice is just one of the services that Ben offers to his candidates. Ben is an experienced executive recruiter working in the comm profession. With over 30 years of experience in both PR and Marketing and in various verticals including Oil and Gas, Technology, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, and others, Ben remains the Go-To Recruiter for the seasoned professionals.

Evolution of the Global Economy Needs HR Evolution

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I recently read an article by Stanton Chase, EVOLUTION OF CHINESE ECONOMY REQUIRES AN EVOLUTION OF CORPORATE TALENT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES. The article discussed the dynamic changes in the Chinese HR strategies in order to remain competitive in the talent management arena. Mr Chase concentrated on the Chinese HR market but I would venture to draw the conclusion that we have many of the same issues in the US. Our talent market also requires an innovative, multifaceted strategy for acquiring and retaining the best local talent for senior-level management positions.
In China, the “overall economic growth remains strong (about 7.5%) but is leveling off. The labor market in China today is fueled by a number of factors, including:

  • increased demand for local managers,
  • limited supply of qualified talent,
  • rising compensation levels,
  • a hyper-competitive recruiting environment, and
  • high turnover rates among top managers.”

Doesn’t this sound like the same types of issues that we are faced with in the US?

According to Mr Chase, old-school HR tactics, such as offering attractive compensation packages, remain important; they always are. But it seems that the Chinese are realizing that an emphasis on“softer,” less tangible aspects of employment, such as corporate culture and career development, also are critical for capturing and keeping their highly valuable, talented employees. Silicon Valley has figured out that a looser dress code and less regimented hours work for many of their creative, and hard working talent. Flex time and family-friendly companies keep the young worker as they have families. We all must work and continue to evolve as our talent pool loses many of the Baby Boomers and turns to the alphabet generations. I encourage you to stay on the cutting edge of what makes your company the golden place to work.

How to find & keep top notch PR & Communications Professionals?

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The internet showcases the many needs of the global corporate world and while “expanding into global and new markets is a top strategic priority” (Deloitte Talent Edge 2020), so is the need to attract, train, and keep top talents across the executive tier.

Talent Edge 2020 was by conducted for Deloitte Consulting LLP by Forbes Insights exploring changing talent priorities in all industries, at large businesses worldwide in the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

This important study finds that “many corporate talent programs are falling short on performance.” “Many business leaders at the companies surveyed see the need for significant improvement in key areas across their talent management programs. Those executives who rated their talent programs as “world-class” also give higher ratings than their peers to both their capabilities and their levels of investment. “

“Only 17%of executives surveyed believed their talent programs were “world-class across the board,” while 83% acknowledged that significant improvements need to be made. Executives who call their talent efforts “world-class” were more likely to report—by margins of 20 percentage points or more—that their companies were investing in these programs at a “high” level. “

How is your company doing? Do you settle for a mediocre candidate or do you see the need for the skill set that will carry you into your best future? Travaille helps you to find your best new talent.

Life is all about choices

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For some, a cup of coffee starts the day. For others, fruit or a muffin breaks the evening fast. We all have our favorite way to meet the day….and then the fun begins. If you look forward to your cup of coffee more than your day at your office, you may be in a rut at work. Can you change your duties or add a new challenge to change the dull into interesting? For some, the only way to find the new challenge is to explore the next step, the next company or association who is in dire need of your skill set.

Find someone to help you discover your many talents. Sometimes, we get so bogged down in our routine that we don’t see the possibilities, i.e., I start my day with coffee and there is not another viable alternative. Yet, you chat with a colleague and discover chai…and find that you love it! Is writing a talent and love of yours but you no longer have the time to hone this craft? There are companies out there who desperately need you. Do you know social media and know how important it is to internal and external customers, but you have moved away from this passion? There are organizations out there who clamor for your knowledge. Do you know a vertical market such as energy so well that you dream of windmills but would love to put that knowledge to work in an alternate path? Well, this is DC you know, so anything is possible!

Make the choice that makes your day whether coffee, fruit, or Danish. Just make it your best day! But if it is time for your to reach to new heights, give Ben a call. Explore new possibilities in the field of PR, Communications, PA and Marketing.